Uromac supplies 3 t-rail vehicles for Lusail LRT in Qatar

Uromac supplies 3 t-rail vehicles for Lusail LRT in Qatar

UROMAC has supplied 3 T-Rail road-rail vehicles for various applications inside depot or on main line at the new tram Depot to be located in Lusail, Qatar, and as part of the Lusail LRT Project.

The first vehicle is a version of T-Rail Rescue Vehicle to be equipped with equipment for rescue and re-railing.

The second unit of T-Rail vehicle will work on main line and more particularly on catenary equipped with crane arm and arm lift platform,

Both vehicles shall be used inside depot area for towing trams when there is no OLE on track or the Vehicle is not able to move itself. It may be able also to tow failed Vehicle from main line into the depot.

The third unit of T-Rail is the cleaning version for platform and rail groove cleaning on main line.

Lusail City is the newest city in Qatar, located on the East coast, about 15km north of the city centre of Doha

The LRT has been commissioned by the Qatar Railway Company to provide an efficient and pleasurable transportation system for the people living in, and communicating to, Lusail City.

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