New T-rail SV for Paris T7 tramway line

New T-rail SV for Paris T7 tramway line

UROMAC has delivered a new T-RAIL SV road-rail shunter vehicle that will operate at RATP’s T7 tramway line between Villejuif-Louis Aragon and Athis-Mons via Orly 4.

This vehicle shall be used inside depot area for towing trams when there is no OLE on track or the tramway is not able to move itself. It may be able also to tow failed tramways from main line into the depot.

For this T-RAIL SV is equipped with the necessary interface connection with the tramway to control its brakes and lights and thus operate in a safe manner.

The high traction and towing capacity of T-RAIL SV to respond to the critical conditions of heavy slopes and sharp curves on T7 track were essential to get this project for RATP.

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